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JSI International Training Method

JSI International Training Method


Distinct from classroom training, participants will face real situations requiring real solutions with real consequences.

Challenging & Safe

Participants have the opportunity, away from their normal place of work, to recognise their strengths, fears and weaknesses, thus increasing self-awareness, self-control and self-confidence.

How We Work

  • Via a wide range of creative and challenging tasks and activities, managers and staff are encouraged to work more closely together and learn different approaches to maximising personal, team and company performance.

  • Our programmes are fun and packed full of proven, practical tools and techniques that help create and reinforce positive change back in the workplace.

  • We aim to create an environment that allows barriers to be removed naturally, enabling the team to enjoy its time together as well as learn from it.

  • Our programmes will build and continue the development of relationships, communication and mutual support back in the workplace.

  • They focus on behaviours, relationships, teamwork, reviews of learning, preferred team roles, building confidence and getting to know each other better.

  • Our programmes are complimentary, recognising that organisations are committed to the development of their people, and thereby encourage and reinforce motivation for the future.

Participants Learn How To:

  • Develop new levels of trust, mutual support and teamwork

  • Say what they mean and communicate more effectively

  • Share their personal values for the benefit of the team

  • Understand the positive and negative impact of their personal style

  • Enhance decision making, leadership and problem solving

  • Handle changing situations more quickly and easily

  • Motivate themselves and others to improve team performance

  • Establish objectives, make and execute a plan of action more effectively

  • Brief the team, review progress and adapt the plan where necessary

  • Think beyond the most obvious and immediate task in hand

  • Value consistent communication and feedback to maintain relationships and motivation

  • Understand the bigger picture in order to know how your role can best add value