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Management Development Training

JSI International recognises that ‘management’ is being ‘all things to all people’, quite literally! Sometimes the team player and sometimes the leader, sometimes the disciplinarian and always the shining example, being a manager is tougher today than it has ever been.

Our management development programmes seek to combine all of the elements of our highly successful team development and personal development programmes and then provide some extra ingredients that add to, and compliment, the skill set already acquired. We offer management development courses tailored to your specific requirements. This can include such areas as leadership development, managing conflict, effective communication, management motivation and managing change.

We believe that team development and self-awareness cannot be learnt in a classroom. Outdoor training is therefore an ideal medium for our Management Development and building leadership management.

By placing people in unfamiliar situations in unfamiliar surroundings away from the comfort and safety of their office, enables them to face up to their strengths, fears and weaknesses. It increases self-awareness, self-control and self-confidence.

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