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Personal Development Training - JSI International

Personal Development Training – JSI International

JSI International recognise that gaining an insight into how ‘you’ operate in the work environment is probably more important than learning how to deal with other people; how you perceive and are perceived by others is the bedrock on which all the other techniques are based.

With an emphasis on providing insights into your own behaviour, our personal development training programmes are tailored to your specific requirement and founded on what we call ‘beliefs of excellence’. They include the opportunity to work with others and can include topics such as effective communication, interpersonal skills, how to influence people, assertiveness and developing self-confidence and self-awareness.

We believe that team development and self-awareness cannot be learnt in a classroom. The outdoor environment is therefore an ideal medium for our personal development programmes.

By placing people in unfamiliar situations in unfamiliar surroundings away from the comfort and safety of their office, enables them to face up to their strengths, fears and weaknesses. It increases self-awareness, self-control and self-confidence.

Our personal development programs are based on real situations which require real solutions and will have real consequences to the delegates.

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