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Team Development Training – JSI International

Team Development Training – JSI International

JSI International believes that the ability to work with people is fundamental to the business success of all organisations. With our tried and tested formula of ‘do, review, apply’ developed over many years in the outdoor environment, we have created a series of very powerful team development courses for some of the UK’s leading organisations.

We believe that team development and self-awareness cannot be learnt in a classroom. The outdoor environment is an excellent opportunity to develop self awareness, self-control and develop self-confidence in our team development programmes.

By placing people in unfamiliar situations in unfamiliar surroundings away from the comfort and safety of their office, enables them to face up to their strengths, fears and weaknesses. It increases self-awareness, self-control and self-confidence. Our programmes are based on real situations which require real solutions and will have real consequences to the delegates.

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